which core used to carry films



We have introduced plastic cores into the market to help manufacturers and end users with the packaging and transportation of reeled films, and provide cost-effective substitutes for steel cores and aluminum cores. Plastic cores are competitively priced and in some cases cheaper than special laminated fibers. The plastic core can be multi winding instead of disposable fiber core. Although the initial cost of plastics is higher than that of most fibers, the companies that use our plastics have achieved savings Tianyu plastic core has the ability of multi-purpose, eliminating the core wire or coil collapse caused by fiber fracture and the material loss of the core wire caused by the change of moisture in the fiber, so it is welcomed by end users. Tianyu plastic core is manufactured according to a very specific outer diameter tolerance, which is very important when winding multiple cores at the same time. You will find that our manufacturing method makes our core more uniform than any other plastic core manufacturer. With an established recycling plan, costs can be saved by reducing landfill. Plastic core is an excellent substitute for steel core. They are much lower in cost, light in weight, unaffected by moisture, and capable of multiple windings. Your employees and customers will like the fact that the plastic core will not be cut and worn sharply, which may cause wear to the workers handling the plastic core. Since steel cores can be reused, a recycling plan similar to that of most companies dealing with steel cores can be developed. However, unlike steel, plastic cores do not rust. We will not claim that our plastic core is equivalent to the tensile strength of steel core. However, our design and manufacturing methods make our plastic cores more durable than most other plastic cores on the market. We can customize any inner diameter you may need, and the standard inner diameter is in the range of 1 inch to 12 inches. The width can be up to 4 meters or wider. We will work with any customer to customize the core according to their needs.