ABS spoke coresID6in & OD10in/ID8in & OD12in

Used for winding lithium battery poles, can be customized to any length, achieving small axis winding of large coils and higher load capacity

ABS spoke cores High and low temperature resistance

It is used for circulation and transportation under high temperature/low temperature environment to meet customers' use in different seasons.

ABS spoke cores ID3in & OD6in/ID3in & OD8in

It is produced without dust. The design of 8 ribs is more robust. The inner and outer diameters are strictly controlled. It is equipped with vehicle gauge products.

ABS spoke cores ID3in & OD6in/ID3in & OD8in

Used for the separation of lithium battery separators, with a straightness of<0.01mm, to better ensure the flatness and consistency of the separators.

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