ABS step tubes&cores

It is used to roll films with different thickness, corresponding to different step heights.

8inch H-CORE (Rigid Hard tubes&cores)

Used for winding lithium battery separators(Master roll) The uniform point surface of the cores can help with higher exhaust and prevent edge collapse

6inch H-CORE (Rigid Hard tubes&cores)

Used for winding lithium aluminum foil/lithium copper foil, it is safer and more environmentally friendly without fiberglass shavings, can be downgraded for use, and is not a solid waste

3-inch H-CORE (Rigid Hard tubes&cores)

The environment-friendly rigid rigid core is used for winding copper foil, aluminum foil and other metal foils. Replace the traditional FRP core

plastic tubes&cores with corrugated inside

The tube core with corrugated inside can be customized with ABS PVC material, and uniform corrugated can increase friction

PVC tubes&cores

PVC cores with a size of 3-inch 6-inch are made using a completely environmentally friendly process and have a very smooth surface

PE/PP tubes&cores with Ribs inside

Plastic PP/PS cores with internal ribs, used for special equipment, ribs can strengthen the fit of the tubes/cores

6-inch PE/PP tubes&cores

A 6-inch inner diameter can be used to roll mother rolls of longer meters, which also improves the flatness of the entire roll material to a certain extent

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