Our 4 responsibilities

Provide customers with new value, high-quality products and services

Provide employees with job value and fair opportunities

To provide honest and reliable business operations for the company

As a member of society, fulfill responsibilities, provide mutual trust and cooperation for society

Our 4 actions

PCustomer First

Provide customers with new value and overall solutions to achieve sustainable development together with them

Innovation and Creation

Continuously promoting innovation and creation in all areas of enterprise activities, achieving continuous evolution and development

International competitiveness

Pursuing the highest level of quality and competitiveness in the world and seeking growth and expansion in the global market

Valuing Talents

Provide employees with a work environment that realizes work value, create a vibrant atmosphere between

Green electricity, energy saving environmental protection factory

Collect and treat waste gas, use solar energy to generate electricity, ground source heat pump air conditioning system, equipment heat energy conversion hot water system, production water recycling system.

Promoting dual carbon digitalization

From the acquisition of raw materials---processing and manufacturing---storage---transportation and sales---putting into use---scrap, each process is tracked to save energy and reduce carbon.

Modern production

Centralized feeding, robot automatic grabbing, automatic flow inspection, equipment online inspection, etc.

MES system management

Equipment status monitoring, global production control, production error prevention system, customer management system, and various process control of multi-department scheduling and product traceability.