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ABS pipe 153x10x200mmC class natural


The source factory produces and sells itself, eliminating all middlemen, only for you to enjoy better products and services at a lower cost. It is widely used in lithium battery separator industry, electronics industry, automotive industry, medical industry, cosmetics industry, automated logistics industry, etc. From the raw material control, we are strict with every process. TelephoneWant Want 7*24 hours online technical support, one-to-one engineering project technical support, with construction design requirements to provide a full range of product selection support.



Suzhou Tianyu Plastic Co.,ltd.



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Personalized deep customization: specifications/colors/samples/slotting and coding

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Over 20 years of industry experience

ABS pipe core

In stock and ready to ship/custom processing available/wide range of applications

Physical factory

quality guranteed

Customization supported

We support process customized

About the product

We support process customized


yesFactory direct sales

Factory direct sales, eliminating all middle shop, so that you can enjoy better products and services at a lower cost.

yesWidely used

Widely used in lithium battery separator industry, electronic industry, automotive industry, medical industry, cosmetics industry, automation logistics industry, etc.


From raw materials to every process, we have strict control.

yesService support

Online customer service: 7*24 hours available

Technical support: one-on-one project technical support, cooperating with construction design requirements to provide comprehensive product selection support.

Over 20 years of industry experience

Pipe core supplier

Focus on quality / customized according to demand / considerate service

Round and smooth

Stable concentricity

High inner and outer diameter accuracy

Automated production

Multi-stage inspection

Customizable specifications

Product Information

Support Processing Customized 


Product name

ABS pipe


153x10x200mmC grade natural color



Whether customized

supports customization

As you need, we know what you want

We focus on product quality and provide you with reliable products

yesSelect materials strictly

Carefully select and focus on product quality

yesCost control Low cost

Cost control Low cost, low investment, long service life

yesSize accuracy 

Strictly follow the standard, production customization

A powerful manufacturer 

Direct shipment from the factory 

Supports deep customization/Welcome to consult online or by phone 0512-66369466

Suzhou Tianyu Plastic Co.,ltd.

TY was founded by Mr. Qian Jun in 2001. Its own factory area of 37000㎡, with the dust-free room area of 1500㎡.

It is mainly engaged in the precision extrusion and injection molding of polymer materials. Tianyu is committed to the innovation and research and development of high-precision products.

After nearly 20 years of rapid development, it has grown from dozens of customers at the beginning, its establishment to nearly 1000 customers now, including listed companies, Fortune 500 companies and so on.

Over 20 years of industry experience

Enterprise qualification

National certification / Complete qualifications / Peace of mind for purchase Excellent quality


Sustainable development

From the antenna era to the current 3C and 5G, Tianyu, as a supporting pipe core manufacturer, has followed the progress of the times and also developed steadily.Constantly update iterative products, cooperate with new market rules, and promote the development of the company through continuous innovation.


It has talents who control advanced technology, accounting for 30% of the employees. It has an independent research and development team and is committed to the overall project solution


With the ability of industrial transformation, it has developed more than 50 kinds of products and materials each year, and has obtained 52 patents and steadily increased.


It has a complete set of experimental equipment, independently supporting various inspection items, ensuring stability, and has a rich mold library to avoid customer investment costs.

Environmental protection production


1. Collect and treat waste gas 2 Use solar energy to generate electricity 3.
Ground source heat pump air conditioning system 4. Equipment heat energy
conversion hot water system 5. Production water recycling system. Five
major energy-saving and environmental protection measures.

Automated management of production


Adopt MES system to manage flexible production, replace
manpower with more automation, standardize the training of all
staff, and adopt online supervision and online management system,
which is effective and traceable

15million meters

8million pcs

Injection molding
products 7 million pcs

Custom core
8million pcs

Other cores
6million meters


43 extrusion
production lines

26 injection molding

Precision CNC 12


Complete set of
metalworking equipment

Multiple inspection checkpoints for shipment, high-precision inspection equipment.
The accuracy of ovality, straightness and other dimensions is more than 30% higher than that of other companies.

Self-adjustment of mold equipment and targeted solution to customer requirements for high precision.

In 2008, the lithium battery industry began to be equipped, and foreign matters were strictly controlled to ensure product cleanliness and improvesafety.

The product has passed the Rosh Reach certification, and the factory has passed the environmental assessment and fireprotection certification

Diligence, Preciseness, Innovation, Integrity

Timely capture the changing customer needs and gain the trust of customers with strength.

Focus on global competition and realize industry differentiation.

Create new value through continuous pursuit of technological innovation.


Recycling enclosure Plastic box

Foldable Turnover plastic box

Plastic holder&end cap

Plastic holder&end cap


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