Slotting core

High precision core, according to different use scenarios, we provide spray code, slotting and slitting services.

Ribbed core

The inner wall with ribbe, Also there is inner wall with corrugate, which can increase the friction between the core and the shaft.

ABS ring

Plastic ring for winding up tape and plastic film,High strength, durable, make the products more artistic and solid.

10inch ABS core

More and more used to replace small-size core,Better prevent curling and wrinkling,The stability of the core gives 100% confidence

8inch ABS core

Roll-up Diaphragm and coating Effective cost savings, winding more convenient, Clean core ensure the safety of the product.

6inch ABS core

The wall thickness is 3-15mm,Any length can be customized. which can meet more application scenarios.

3inch ABS core

Winding film, high precision straightness and roundness greatly improve the winding efficiency and yield of customers

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